The Pros and Cons of Windows in Garage Doors

Most property owners that need new garage doors are now opting to include garage door windows, especially with carriage garage doors. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of windows in garage doors.


1. Better for the aesthetics

Windows on the garage doors enable enough light to get into the garage so that it is not a dark area. When your garage gets natural light, it is more inviting and does not look like a dreary dark room that nobody desires to go to. Natural light in your garage is an opportunity to spend more time in your garage. You can pick windows that match the architectural design of your property so that there is flow.

2. Increased property value

Garage doors with windows are one way to increase your property value. Unlike earlier designs that did not allow natural light and did not have good designs with windows, the doors with windows make for a better area, which means that the value of your property goes up.

3. Ventilation

Instead of having a dark area that is murky and mouldy every time it is humid outside, opt for windows on your garage doors. The windows are one way to let some fresh air in without compromising your security. You do not have to open the whole door when you feel that the area is musty you can open the windows to let in some fresh air.

4. Variety of designs

You do not have to settle for one design for your garage door windows. You can talk to a garage door installation expert and find out the various designs available, then pick one suitable for your garage. These have the chance to make your garage doors look unique instead of drab.

5. Lower HVAC costs

Having windows in your garage doors means that you will not need to heat or cool the area too much since the windows will help with that. You can open the windows when it is too hot to let in some air.


1. Risk of damage to existing structures

If you decide to install garage door windows, you may have to endure some extra costs as there is a high chance that the walls next to the garage door could get damaged. If you need to install garage door windows without causing damage, you should always choose an experienced garage door installation expert.

2. Intruders can see your garage

Instaling garage door windows means that you are at risk of intruders looking into your garage through the windows. There are options you can use that will prevent this risk, though. You can also install security cameras around your property to deter any potential intruders.

3. Noise pollution

Garage door windows are a disadvantage because they will probably not be soundproof, which means that you will have to deal with all the noise from outside. If you intend to use your garage for any other purpose, this could be an issue.

4. May shorten the door’s lifespan

If the windows are not sealed properly and let water in, there could be a risk of mould on your garage doors.

Ready to make the changes? Start by finding a reputable garage repairs Sydney specialist to get their opinions. They may also help you in your decision of wether to add a window to your garage door or not.