Learn 8 Different Styles You Can Use To Adorn Your Windows

Windows serve efficient and convenient purposes in your home. You might think they are there to let in natural light and let you see what is going on outside your home, but in many municipalities, they are also mandatory in local building codes, as there have to be a minimum number of emergency exit points in case of fire or other events. When it comes to your interior decor, you can’t let windows go unnoticed, but you do need to balance function with form simultaneously.

If you’re unsure of what to do in your new home or the one you are restyling, then keep reading to learn eight different styles you can use to adorn your windows.

1) Hang some curtains: This is the most common and traditional method of adorning windows. Curtains can either be short and decorative or utilitarian with enough length to cover the windows when privacy is needed.

2) Throw up a wreath: If you are looking out for natural areas through your windows, then adding a natural element like a wreath adds depth and texture to your view. It’s welcome in particular addition in seasons where everything outside might be bland and dead.

3) Use blinds: These are very common in apartment complex windows, and a cheap yet effective way of giving rooms privacy from the other units and the many people in the parking lot at certain times.

4) Wrap around some window garland: Much like garland decorates a Christmas tree, there are window garlands that can add some complexion to a window. Stringing lights along the garland can also make it a bit harder for anyone outside to concentrate on looking into your home.

5) Put up shades: Shades are very similar to blinds in function; they just slide at a different angle.

6) Use contact paper: Contact papers are best used on the interior side of windows where they will last longer, but you can use them to put in decorative patterns, change colours, or even add some level of opaque privacy.

7) Just black it out: This is standard for bedrooms for anyone light-sensitive, especially for anyone that might work late or even overnight and need sleep during the day. Anything from a dark bed sheet draped over the curtain rod to actual black poster board trimmed to fit and wedged into the window frame can block out most or all light, leaving a dark cool sleeping room even in mornings and afternoons.

8) Double up any of the above: Sometimes, it might be necessary to double up some of the above options. For instance, if you live in an apartment complex, your windows might come with blinds or shades, and your lease might dictate that these have to remain white and be seen from outside. However, if you don’t like how they look on the inside, you would hang curtains in front of them for some style and colour.

Some of the options can be DIY but you can ask Sydney blinds company to guide you what is the best effective way of making the windows in your house look beautiful. Now that you know eight different styles in which you can adorn your windows, you can make the windows of each room fit you’re the needs of that place or at least your desired interior decor.