How to Pack Large Mirrors While Moving Houses

Large mirrors are expensive. You wouldn’t want them to have scratches during transit. Although the packers and movers haul more significant items carefully, you should never take a chance while packing the mirrors. Packing them neatly is essential to keep the mirrors safe during transit. Here are a few things you will need to pack bigger mirrors.

• Packing tape

• Mirror box

• Bubble wraps

• Thick cardboard

• Thick packing paper

• Permanent marker

• Masking tape

• Moving blankets

Adjust the mirror box

You can adjust the size of a mirror box so that it fits the mirror you want to pack. Home improvement stores have plenty of mirror boxes. Buy one that has sturdy walls. Measure the size of the mirror. Adjust the size of the box accordingly.

Use masking tape for extra protection.

Apply masking tape across the mirror’s face. It will help to provide extra protection in case the frame breaks during transit. You can also use the tape horizontally and vertically on the glass to increase its security. Most people make an ‘X’ shape while taping the mirror. It prevents the glass from falling off the frame during bumpy rides.

Wrap the mirror-like a gift

Consider the large mirror as a gift. Now wrap it carefully. Start by flattening the cardboard. Cut the carton according to the size of the mirror. Place one piece of this board underneath the mirror in the box and another piece on top. Tape these cardboard pieces with the mirror using packing tapes. Make sure you don’t leave any open ends.

Place this wrapped mirror in the middle of a thick packing paper. Wrap the packing paper slowly. Think of how you pack a gift for your dear friend. Use the packing paper like a gift wrap. You can double wrap the mirror using this packing paper. It will protect the glass from possible bumps during the journey. Use bubble wraps to cover the entire pack. You should have enough bubble wraps handy to ensure the mirror doesn’t break even if it hits a hard surface. Use packing tape to stick the loose ends of the bubble wrap together.

Your next step is to put the bubble-wrapped mirror into the mirror box. Adjust the sides of the box so that the mirror fits tightly inside. You can add extra bubble wraps in the mirror box for added protection. Cover the box with a lid. Test if the mirror is moving inside or not. Don’t leave even an inch of space in the box. This will keep the mirror well-cushioned and protected during the trip.

Once you finish packing, don’t forget to label the box. Mirror boxes should always go on top of everything else. This will prevent the heavier items from pressuring fragile items. Use a marker to write ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘MIRROR’ to differentiate the box.

You can also use moving blankets to cover the entire box before removalist sydney load your items in the moving truck. A few extra layers will keep the expensive mirror safe throughout the journey.