How To Clean Your Windows Inside And Outside

Washing your windows can be a very tedious task, and it can be a nightmare if you do not know how to do this correctly. There are some methods that you should use for the outside of your windows. But that you might not want to use inside. Of course, the type of window that you have will affect the method that you can use if you are not using any maid service.

Remove The Dirt And Dust First

When cleaning inside or outside, you need to remove the dirt and dust from your windows first. It will include the sweeping of dirt from the frame of the windows and remove any cobwebs. Using a vacuum inside and outside is recommended to remove the dirt to stop it turning into mud when you clean.

If you have screens on your windows, you should take them out and wash them at this point. It will ensure that your screen does not undo the cleaning of the windows. You should also take the time to dust the blinds hanging over your window as well.

Using A Microfiber Cloth

When you are cleaning the inside of your window, you should use a microfiber cloth. It’s not recommended that you use a squeegee for the inside of the window. Unless you are using this in a specific way, you will have a lot of water on the floor of your home. It can damage carpets and cause other issues that you will want to avoid.

When using a microfiber cloth, you need to first spray a cleaner on the window glass. This could be a commercial cleaner or one that you have made yourself. After spraying the windows, you will need to dry them off with your cloth. Some people use newspaper or paper towel, but you need to ensure that it is up to the task.

Using A Squeegee

When you are cleaning the outside of the windows, you can use a squeegee instead of the microfiber cloth. It does not mean that you are not able to use the microfiber cloth method, and the one you choose will be due to personal preference. Ideally, you should look at a squeegee with an extending arm to reach the higher windows in your home.

To start, you will need to spray a cleaner on the outside of the window. You can also use soapy water to clean the glass before you use the squeegee. Once the glass is clean, you will need to run the squeegee along the panes from top to bottom. Some people recommend running the squeegee from right to left instead, but this will depend on how accessible the window is.

There are two common methods used for cleaning the inside and outside of your windows. Using a squeegee is often considered the best option, but you need to be careful when cleaning the inside of the window. Using a microfiber cloth will often be a better solution for the inside and can easily be used for the outside as well.